AI Contestant Tips and Guidelines

Preparing for Panel of Investors Inquiries

Tips and Guidelines

In view of the competition for funding, presenters should be prepared to prove that:

  • You’ve got the timing right for your technology or application. For example, MySpace was too early but Facebook was just right
  • Your management team is up to the challenge. Have any of them:
    • Turned a company around?
    • Done an IPO?
    • Managed a fast-growth company?
  • You’ve got an exit plan that provides sufficient ROI
  • Our investment is safe with you
  • You’re committed to your company’s success. Are you willing, for example, to put your house up as collateral?


  • Be sure to prepare and practice your presentation for a maximum 10 minute pitch
  • Time for Q&A will vary depending on the length of your presentation
  • You will have a total of 15 minutes for both your pitch and Q&A
  • You can present with or without visual aids (e.g. PowerPoint)

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