We are an investment syndicate that invests private capital (up to $20 million per TV episode) into various artificial intelligence and blockchain companies. Watch any of our sample episodes below:

AI & Blockchain companies choose us because:

We provide venture capital funds for various investment stages

Have the ability to fast track their go to market plans via our commercial partners (over 731 channel partners including companies like Deloitte and SAP) and ability to showcase their technology to over 3 million+ households

Provide onsite management consultants with proven experience to help an organization to grow

Creative and out of the box thinking

Tax optimization strategies unique to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain industry

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Seeking a prestige event to partner your brand with?

Interested in more visibility to justify your spend?

Want to leverage an exciting & growing field?

Looking for more effective connections with your market?

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VIP Guests:

Seeking preferential access to leading AI technologies?

Interested in meeting CEOs from growing AI companies?

Want to know how AI will disrupt your life and industry?

Looking for lucrative AI business opportunities?

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Our captivating TV program has emerging Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain companies from around the globe present their most innovative ideas & technologies to our panel of investors, sponsors and VIP guests.

At stake: Up to $20 Million in venture capital per show!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies

You’re at a crucial stage – and time is of the essence.

With your burn rate advancing, technology accelerating, competition gaining, you need:

  • More cash to fund your operations & hire more talent
  • Management IQ to build your company – the right way
  • Channels, resellers, markets, customers: everything!
  • Key contacts who can open doors

If you do nothing about the items above, you risk getting stuck and 6 months from now, you’ll be overtaken. What to do?

Take Action!

APPLY now to present your business case to investors on our AI-focused 8 Billion Acts of Innovation TV show.

Up for grabs:

  • Up to $20 million dollars in venture capital investment per show
  • Access to 733 channel partners & technology resellers*, fast-tracking your success by 3-5 years
    • *Resellers have existing customers and a sales force
  • Access professional management resources to help you structure and grow your business correctly
  • Be seen on TV by over 3 million+ households around the world, instantly promoting your organization and brand

This is possible, do-able and easy.

Apply right now to get on our show.

Key Information:

Who will you be presenting to?

Financial, investment, and business overachievers, renowned for their critical thinking abilities and reasoned judgment

Panel of Investors include:

  • Taimour Zaman: Co-founder of 8 Billion Acts of Innovation, Real estate investor
  • Howard Lichtman: Canada’s top marketing executive
  • Bob Lane: who was Steve Job’s former colleague at Pixar

Post-Funding Support

Management Approach

After venture capital is extended, our hands-on management team:

  • Sets up a plan for your company’s growth and expansion
  • Determines immediate priorities and types of support required
  • Arranges for panel members to carry out their appropriate tasks
  • Sets-up a monthly 1-on-1 60-minute strategy and execution discussion
  • Works to increase share price to targeted goal

Panel of Resources

A-1 successful C-suite visionaries with stellar track records and invaluable insights work to develop your firm to market leader status.


‘Like the idea of your company becoming a market leader? Apply now to present on our TV show

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In volatile times, exploring new revenue opportunities and evolving beyond present models is the key to success. A company either grows or stagnates. You can either continue …

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We are a TV program that offers an opportunity to meet investors and customers.

Join us in our Toronto TV studio as we record future episodes of 8 Billion Acts of Innovation.

As an AI Company

  • Access capital and resources that you need to expand right now
  • Make strategic contacts that can support your success
  • Be seen on television by our growing global audience,
    instantly impacting your organization and brand
  • Benefit from post-funding executive management by our team of experts
  • Gain access to exponential growth strategies and tactics

Please learn more about being an AI Contestant at one of our
upcoming shows and register to obtain more information.

As a Sponsor

  • Showcase your brand to a growing global audience
  • Identify and leverage new AI technologies
  • Form valuable alliances and cooperative relationships
  • Benefit from a customized lead nurturing program
  • Gain access to exponential growth strategies and tactics

Please learn more about being a Sponsor and connect with us to obtain more information.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are the present and future of business. Advanced thinking and applications redefine every aspect of business; it’s called disruption.

Amplifying human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential to boost economies and help civilization flourish like never before.

At 8 Billion Acts of Innovation, we believe in funding and supporting the world's most promising AI companies while educating our audience to better understand how AI is changing our lives and the world around us.

It's time to join the evolution …