Ken Wells

Ken Wells
Member, Panel of Resources: Internet Marketing & Lead Generation

Ken is a 10-year online lead generation expert who helps small businesses and larger ones generate a steady stream of new sales leads. He also helps convert prospects into paying customers.

His company, The Leads Hub, offers expertise in online strategies, cutting-edge software tools, creative resources, ideas, and services. Ken is renowned for his marketing savvy, attention to detail, instructional abilities and calm demeanor.

After learning of a client’s needs and goals, Ken readily details the pro’s and cons of considered solution(s). He believes that:

  • Clients deserve to understand the nature of a service
  • That creating realistic expectations is the embodiment of integrity, and in
  • Delivering set-out results in the time specified

Ken and his team work closely with clients while implementing plans, as promised, and issue status reports on progress and next actions.  Competitive comparisons, reactions and subsequent counter strategies are also noted and issued to keep all stakeholders informed.

The Leads Hub vast digital marketing repertoire includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization to rank on first page of specified search engines listings
  • Search Engine Marketing – generating back links, articles to stay on top
  • Online Advertising – Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads, Display & Banner Ads
  • Social Media
  • Local marketing (online reviews)
  • Web Copywriting for effective marketing messaging
  • Blogging, Reputation Management
  • Video marketing & Email marketing
  • Website design and Landing pages

Simply put, The Leads Hub mission is to share strategies, resources, ideas and services to help your business to generate more leads online.

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