AI Case Studies

 “Give people the ability to do things they’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know they could.”     Daniel Burrus, Global Futurist

Appreciation of AI’s capabilities and advantages is often overshadowed by the enormous tasks its various forms accomplish, such as: machine and deep learning complex computations, graphics analysis involving millions of images, and 3D printing applications for manufacturing components.

On a more visible level, AI innovators creatively combine technologies to:

  • Resolve longstanding societal dilemmas
  • Identify evolving problems, solving them before they grow in magnitude
  • Upgrade existing Web-based services, increasing customer experience, and revenue

These notable AI companies and others harnessing AI technologies have showcased their genius on previous ‘8 Billion Acts of Innovation’ shows.

PitStop – Proactively eliminates roadside breakdowns

Oratio – Afraid of speaking in public? Not anymore

Sapient Shopping – Rejuvenates E-comm revenue streams