Case Study:

Public speaking remains the number one social fear of 75% of the population. When placed in front of a microphone or on a stage, otherwise articulate individuals become paralyzed with anxiety. Others wish to improve their public speaking but attending Toastmasters meetings isn’t time-efficient. Overall, underdeveloped public speaking skills hamper one’s career potential and personal life.

What can be done to overcome this historically stubborn problem and help people improve the quality of public speaking, and their lives? has the answer in the form of an AI app that uses voice-recognition algorithms to analyze spoken word monologues and provide feedback. is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based artificial intelligence firm that “builds technology that touches the heart of millions.” CEO Danish Dhamani decided to take on the quest of teaching people to speak with power and authority after being critiqued at Toastmasters.

Their tech involves:

  • Artificial intelligence that understands, interprets and analyzes spoken monologues and speeches, then provides feedback
  • Different algorithms attuned to speaker’s pace, projection, pauses, filler words (um, ah, like, I think, kind of), inflection and other voice characteristics
  • Feedback provided in the form of stats, scores, insights and improvement suggestions

How it works:

  • App downloaded into iPhone
  • After tapping Record, user reads prepared text into phone which simulates a public or person-to-person address
  • Voice recognition algorithms working in concert analyze quality of spoken word address
  • Progress tracked and stats stored to track progress over time
  • Recorded monologues may be replayed at any time


  • Allows users to improve their speaking ability in comprehensive fashion
  • Being able to practice alone prevents embarrassment
  • Confidence boost and sense of self-efficacy carries into all social interactions
  • Ideal for sales training of any kind