VIP Guests


  • Being in the same room with high-profile investors while innovative artificial intelligence technologies are being unveiled
  • Being able to interact with the founders, thinkers, and CEOs of the world’s emerging AI companies
  • Discussing pilot programs, investments, and other strategic possibilities that could allow you to benefit from the most promising AI technologies
  • Being engrossed in an AI-themed group challenge and working alongside AI CEOs to solve problems and create new solutions.
  • Networking with influential contacts in the growing AI community to capitalize on the inevitable growth and impact, not just watch from the sidelines

We invite you to turn your imagination into reality at 8 Billion Acts of Innovation …

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Whether you are:

  • a CEO who wants access to lucrative business opportunities, new acquisitions and strategic partnerships with emerging AI companies
  • a Business Owner who wants to better understand and embrace how AI can impact your employees, customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders
  • a Business and/or Technology Executive who wants to create real ROI from digital transformation initiatives and learn more effective strategies for how to sell AI technologies to internal stakeholders
  • any other interested participant who wants an inside look at how AI is changing industries, the world and the lives of everyone on the planet …

register to become a VIP Guest to enjoy reserved seating in our TV studio audience for yourself PLUS up to three (3) of your colleagues/stakeholders

NOTE:  We can only accommodate 10 VIP Guests (and up to 3 of their colleagues/stakeholders) for this exclusive TV studio experience.

Please review the list of our upcoming TV studio dates to see when you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Please review the Agenda to learn more about the format of our TV studio events that run from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Free parking, refreshments, breakfast, and lunch are provided at our studio.

Just as we welcome AI companies from around the world to present their innovative technologies, we also welcome VIP Guests from around the world to our Toronto TV studio.
Learn more about our Toronto TV studio, area hotels and transportation and register to become a VIP Guest


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