In volatile times, exploring new revenue opportunities and evolving beyond present models is the key to success. A company either grows or stagnates. You can either continue with past strategies or boldly expand your potential, establishing new markets while leaving your competition lodged in yesterday.

What force creates these exciting new markets & sales revenues? Artificial Intelligence, the number #1 technology trend of 2017 and one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Its worldwide revenue is projected to reach $36.8 billion by 2025. (Source: Tractica)

Companies that identify and leverage opportunities offered by AI stand to profit handsomely in the future.   Daniel Burrus, Global Futurist, 2015

But how do you:

  • meet CEOs of global AI companies to talk business?
  • obtain inside information on breakthrough technologies?
  • get ongoing updates on AI developments and disruption?
  • identify which technologies are ideal for your firm or industry?
  • connect directly with consumers and organizations that are looking to embrace AI?

Become a Sponsor of an AI-themed ‘8 Billion Acts of Innovation’ TV show

8 international Artificial Intelligence companies present to our panel of investors, competing for up to $20 million in venture capital funding per show. It’s a business, learning and networking bonanza for those who participate.

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Type of Sponsorship packages available

Sales & Marketing Advantages for you:

  1. Network with VIP Guests (e.g. CEOs & CIOs) whose changing role within corporations has them doing the same thing as you: determining which AI technologies / applications are most suitable for their firms and implementing them
  2. Meet brilliant CEOs of fast-growth AI companies to discuss pilot projects, reselling opportunities and partnerships
  3. Form alliances, friendships, and cooperative info-sharing relationships
  4. Brand placement in the Artificial Intelligence industry, one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Achieved via:
    • Having your brand exposed on our niche television show in the form of sponsored 20 or 30-second commercial spots, viewed by millions
    • Logo and product placement in our TV studio and website that places your brand in front of current and potential customers & partners
    • Logo placement on our email distribution list of over 47,000 senior tech executives
    • A speaking opportunity for you to our TV studio audience of senior executives
  1. Customized Lead Nurturing program
    • We provide you with:
      • Distribution of your product-services to our targeted online audience of 47,000 subscribers
      • Experienced executive resources & proven sales programs to help you convert your traffic and achieve your revenue targets
      • An opportunity to invite your top 16 customers/ stakeholders to our TV studio events where discussions and introductions will create new business opportunities
  1. Turnkey content creation about your products-services (via a 1-on-1 interview with our television producer)

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