Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies

You’re at a crucial stage – and time is of the essence.

With your burn rate advancing, technology accelerating, competition gaining, you need:

  • More cash to fund your operations & hire more talent
  • Management IQ to build your company – the right way
  • Channels, resellers, markets, customers: everything!
  • Key contacts who can open doors

If you do nothing about the items above, you risk getting stuck and 6 months from now, you’ll be overtaken. What to do?

Take Action!

APPLY now to present your business case to investors on our AI-focused 8 Billion Acts of Innovation TV show.

Up for grabs:

  • Up to $20 million dollars in venture capital investment per show
  • Access to 733 channel partners & technology resellers*, fast-tracking your success by 3-5 years
    • *Resellers have existing customers and a sales force
  • Access professional management resources to help you structure and grow your business correctly
  • Be seen on TV by over 3 million+ households around the world, instantly promoting your organization and brand

This is possible, do-able and easy.

Apply right now to get on our show.

Key Information:

Who will you be presenting to?

Financial, investment, and business overachievers, renowned for their critical thinking abilities and reasoned judgment

Panel of Investors include:

  • Taimour Zaman: Co-founder of 8 Billion Acts of Innovation, Real estate investor
  • Howard Lichtman: Canada’s top marketing executive
  • Bob Lane: who was Steve Job’s former colleague at Pixar

Post-Funding Support

Management Approach

After venture capital is extended, our hands-on management team:

  • Sets up a plan for your company’s growth and expansion
  • Determines immediate priorities and types of support required
  • Arranges for panel members to carry out their appropriate tasks
  • Sets-up a monthly 1-on-1 60-minute strategy and execution discussion
  • Works to increase share price to targeted goal

Panel of Resources

A-1 successful C-suite visionaries with stellar track records and invaluable insights work to develop your firm to market leader status.


‘Like the idea of your company becoming a market leader? Apply now to present on our TV show