Bob Lane

Bob Lane
Member, Panel of Resources: Business strategy, Operations expert

A seasoned business executive, Bob brings many years of C level management with world-class companies such as GE, NORTEL, Commodore Computers and Acklands.

For the past 25 years-after a successful career-Bob has been directing business advisory activities for his own organization, Robert H Lane and Associates Inc. which provides innovative, creative problem solving and operational assistance to senior management.

Clients include domestic and international groups involved in manufacturing, distribution, utility services, construction of commercial building, providers of communication & computers services, technology start-ups and Government agencies.

Recent projects focused upon: 1) The role and deployment of ‘smart meters’ for residential-commercial electrical energy management and 2) The development and deployment of both residential and commercial intelligence associated with: lighting; heating & cooling energy management systems; security; and communication platforms for the future.

He applies first-hand business experience and know-how to helping business leaders identify their problems and develops and deploys solutions to move forward. His approach is always to be involved with any project from start to finish

He is a graduate of the University of Toronto (BA Trinity) and Ivey School of Business (MBA). Presently, he serves on the advisory boards of several North American companies. Included is his role and involvement as the chairman of Crew Inc.


  • GE Canada Electronic Division: As General Manager, he transformed a financially losing component electronics manufacturing operation into a profitable distribution division
  • NEDCO Canada: As chairman & CEO, Bob grew the operations to be 1stin Canada. ‘Then orchestrated its sale to United Westburne, when Nedco’s parent company decided to focus on telecom manufacturing.
  • Northern Telecom: Managed the growth and development of Northern Telecom systems in Europe
  • Commodore Business Machines Inc. Bob served as CEO for the successful introduction of the C64 home computer & Vic 20
  • Ontario Flower Growers: As interim General Manager, Bob salvaged the operations from bank oversight to a highly profitable and successful floral supplier
  • Vineland New Jersey Co-operative: Serving as interim General Manager, Bob restructured the major vegetable supplier to the U.S.’s Northeast area

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